Past Continuous Grammar

The past continuous, often called the past progressive, is formed with the words was or were (past forms of the verb to be) followed by the present participle (the verb in the -ing form). Form: was/were + present participle Read on for some tips on when to use this common tense, along with some helpful […]

Surprising Advantages of Learning Poems in English

Roses are red Violets are blue English is fun And so are you! In every culture, poems represent deep connections with heritage, history, victories, and struggles. Every poem tells a story, and every story has a different emotion. Poetry is a special type of writing that can help you improve your English reading skills. They are […]

The Step-by-step Guide to Speak English Fluently

If you’re like many other English learners, your ultimate goal is to speak English fluently. The opportunities that would open up to you are immense: you could understand every movie, TV show, song, and interview you see in English; more companies would want to hire you; you could express yourself fully; and the list goes […]