7 Fantastic Free English Grammar Exercises

7 Fantastic Free English Grammar Exercises

Are you new to learning English and want to get additional practice? Or do you need to refresh your memory on English grammar?

You can find plenty of websites online offering English grammar exercises and interactive grammar games absolutely for free. Here are some ideas to get you started on your path to practicing English grammar online.

Free English Grammar Exercises Online

1. Perfect English Grammar

Perfect English Grammar offers English grammar exercises of varying levels. You can learn about verb tenses, conditionals, reported speech, and much more. Just choose a grammar point from the menu. Exercises are available online or printable PDF’s with answers.

2. E-Grammar

E-Grammar has free ESL exercises with lessons, PDF worksheets, and answers for all levels. You can find an explanation and examples for any grammar point you need to study. Exercises include gap fills, matching, and multiple choice. The PDF’s are also downloadable, so you can print them out for later.

3. ESL Games World

ESL Games World provides a variety of interactive and fun games and exercises for ESL learners of all ages. You can practice verb tenses, articles, modals, prepositions, gerunds, adjectives, and much more. Popular games include Snakes and Ladders, Hangman, Wheel of Fortune, and sports games.

4. Learn English Today

Learn English Today provides grammar rules, verb tenses, conditionals, and vocabulary for English learners. You can practice online or download exercises to your computer. There are not only free grammar exercises, but also idioms and proverbs, pronunciation exercises, jokes and riddles, and phrasal verbs.

5. Grammar Book

Grammar Book is a great site for learning grammar. This site teaches basic grammar rules, gives examples, and has fun quizzes to take after each lesson. You can also find information about punctuation rules, capitalization rules, rules for writing numbers, and homonyms.

6. Lingua House

Lingua House has tons of grammar lessons and worksheets. The search box allows you find topics easily. For example, if you are looking for a lesson about irregular verbs, just type it in the search box.

7. English Online Game Zone

English Online Game Zone is a great way to review English grammar by playing games. You’ll find plenty of games to play online, as well as a few downloadable games. You can find picture games, suffix games, vocabulary games, noun or verb games, and much more.