5 Incredibly Useful English Quizzes

5 Incredibly Useful English Quizzes

When it comes to language learning, almost no one likes quizzes. They’re stressful and sometimes disappointing.

However, English quizzes are important and helpful: they show you how much you’ve progressed; they show you what you’ve learned and what you still need to work on.

You can take English quizzes in an ESL class, online, or in a textbook.

Useful English Quizzes

1. Vocabulary Quizzes

Merriam Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary is a fantastic online dictionary that is designed for English learners.

Thus, the definitions are much more comprehensible than standard English dictionaries, which are designed for native English speakers or advanced English learners who have much broader vocabularies.

Learner’s Dictionary also offers vocabulary quizzes to test the strength of your vocabulary. There are many different versions of the quizzes, so you can take them again and again – and learn more words, too.

2. Prepositions Quizzes

Prepositions are tiny words that can cause large headaches. In, on, at, over, through – there are so many prepositions and there are so many rules to memorize. And of course, there are many exceptions to those rules too.

One helpful preposition quiz is from Capital Community College’s grammar page, which has many useful grammar resources. This particular quiz has 20 questions. They have many other quizzes too, including quizzes on adjectives, adverbs, count and non-count nouns, spelling, and much more.

3. Idioms Quizzes

Activities for ESL Students offers many great resources for ESL students; these resources include a number of quizzes on various topics. For those interested in testing their knowledge of English idioms (i.e., off the hook, grin and bear it, same here), there are dozens of options on this site.

Their idioms quizzes are divided by letter, so you can take the quiz on Idioms beginning with ‘O’ or Idioms beginning with ‘B’. Each quiz has 10 questions and you can check your answers.

4. Phrasal Verb Quizzes

The website mentioned in #3 also has good quizzes on phrasal verbs, which are incredibly important in English. These two-word verbs – such as go back, think over, and pass out – are extremely common in conversational English and if you want to be fluent or near-fluent, you need to know a great deal of them.

The phrasal verb quizzes are divided into verbs (i.e., put, make), particles (i.e., into, on), and themes (i.e., emotions, food and drink). The number of questions range from quiz to quiz. You can also check your answers.

5. Adjectives and Adverbs Quizzes

UsingEnglish.com has over 500 quizzes on grammar, vocabulary, and usage; and there are quizzes for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced students.

The quizzes are multiple-choice and are also available in printed handout form, for those who’d rather take the quiz on paper or who would like a copy to study in the future.

You can search for quizzes by topic or by level. There is also a section just for Long Quizzes. You can truly spend hours on this site!