How to Learn English Through Games Online

How to Learn English Through Games Online

When it comes to language learning, games are not just for kids and they’re not just for fun. Games can be an incredibly useful tool for learning and practicing English, and they can make topics like grammar interesting and even fun.

While a variety of games can be helpful – board games, card games, even drinking games – online games are probably the most convenient. If you have internet access, you can play them, and you can play them by yourself and at any time of day. What’s more, most are free!

Learn English Through Games Online

1. Missing Letter Games

There are hundreds of games online in which you are given a word with several letters missing and you have to guess the missing letter. These types of games enable you to test your word recognition and learn new vocabulary. Some require Adobe Flash Player, and some don’t.

Check out, which offers hundreds of games on a variety of topics. Their Missing Letter Games are are great for beginners up through advanced levels.

2. Pronunciation Games

Pronunciation tends to be frustrating, not fun. However, there are some pronunciation games that can make practicing English sounds a little more enjoyable.

English Club offers a variety of mobile-friendly games, including pronunciation games. Try their Homophones Games, which come in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Homophones are two or more words that are pronounced the same but are sometimes spelled differently and have different meanings. If you want to spell correctly or write well, it’s important that you’re able to distinguish them.

The Homophones Games are simple: there are two columns of words and users must match the homophones. Not only will you learn which words sound the same, but you’ll also learn new vocabulary.

3. Trivia Games

Trivia is pieces of information with little importance or value. There are a huge number of trivia websites out there; many offer questions and multiple-choice answers. You can find trivia on specific topics, like pop culture, or you can find sets of random trivia questions that span a broad range of topics.

Trivia questions are a great way to practice English because you’re not practicing the language itself; rather, you’re using the language to complete a task. And the task here is testing your knowledge on a variety of topics.

Check out Sporcle. It offers trivia, quizzes, and brain games. Users can choose quizzes based on popularity, difficulty, length, topic, and more.

For example, interested in sports? There a number of sports quizzes. There are also useful quizzes such as the One Syllable Blitz, where you have to think of one-syllable answers for hints such as Planet and Beatles song.

4. Word Searches and Puzzles

Word games such as word searches and crossword puzzles aren’t just for kids; they’re a fun way for adults to practice vocabulary.

ESOL Courses has a number of word searches on a range of topics and varying levels. You simply click on the letters to highlight a word you find.

Have fun with English! Learn English games as a low-stress way to learn and practice the language. Not only are games fun, but research has shown that when your guard is down and you’re relaxed, you learn more!