5 Best Resources to Learn English Online for Free

There are so many resources these days to learn English online for free. Actually, the biggest problem is trying to decide which are the best tools to improve your English.

Not every website is as useful as others. Have fun exploring, but don’t spend too much time on websites that don’t teach you very much English. Start with this list of five excellent resources you can find online.

Resources to Learn English Online for Free

1. YouTube

YouTube is not only for music videos and movie clips. There are also many professional learning videos for beginner and advanced levels.

Start by searching these terms in YouTube and see what you find.

  • Beginner ESL lessons
  • Business English lessons
  • English prepositions
  • English office vocabulary
  • This that those ESL

When using the Search function on YouTube, be very specific with what you want to learn. There are hundreds and hundreds of English learning videos just waiting for you to find!

2. ESL News Sites

Do you read or watch the news in your native language? Why not try reading the news in English also? For beginners, read the news in your native language first. Then read the same story in English. This will help you understand the article in English better.

3. Podcasts

There are many great ESL podcasts on various topics (i.e., sports, technology, poetry, history). If you are beginning your English studies, listening can help you improve your vocabulary and grammar.

As you advance in your understanding of English, you can try listening to non-ESL podcasts to gain a broader understanding of English grammar and phrases.

4. Interactive Quizzes and Games

There are hundreds of websites offering quizzes and games to help you learn English online for free. Some even allow you to print the activities, making it easy for you to study on the go.

Playing games is fun and can help you test your knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and even listening. For example, ESL Games World offers Listening Memory Games that can help you improve your listening skills.

5. Online Courses

There are many English courses that are available online. Online courses usually include audio and/or video lessons. Many also track your progress, so you can see how much you are learning.

British Council is a website that offers a variety of courses, such as listening, grammar, vocabulary, and writing.

Online resources are one of the best tools to boost your English learning. Start using the internet to improve your English and have fun doing it!