4 Top Websites for the News in English

5 Top Websites for the News in English

Learning English from the news is a great way to help you connect your second language skills while learning more about the world around you. As you know, the news never stops, so ESL news websites always have new and interesting material to read.

Best Websites for the News in English

1. Breaking News English

Breaking News English is a website with a lot of interesting, up-to-date news stories. This website divides their articles into seven levels, from 0 to 6; and each level is categorized by grammar, length, and difficulty of vocabulary.

Each story offers several levels, so you can choose the level that is best for you. If you start reading and it’s too difficult, then you can go down a level. Likewise, if you start an easy article, then you can go up a level and challenge yourself.

Every article has activities to test your language skills. Here are a few of the activities on offer.

  • Reordering the paragraphs
  • Typing the missing letters
  • Dictating what you hear
  • Writing missing words

2. VOA Learning English

VOA Learning English is an excellent American news website. This site really has it all!

The news articles include audio and/or video and also target vocabulary to help you improve your understanding. Some videos have subtitles, so you can read along while you watch.

In the header at the top of the page, you can choose a level for your news articles. There are three levels for you to choose, so beginners can learn just as much as advanced ESL learners.

3. BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English is a great website with lots of up-to-date news articles and online practice. For intermediate English learners, they offer Lingohack, short video clips with vocabulary and comprehension questions.

There is also News Report with short audio clips that include vocabulary and exercises.

4. News in Levels

News in Levels provides world news articles for English learners. Each news story has three levels, so you can customize your learning and challenge yourself when you’re ready. The articles do not have any comprehension questions, but they do include a video.

In the header at the top of the page, you can hover over the levels, and a drop-down menu appears that helps you choose a category. This makes it fast and easy to find news stories about topics you want to read.


News articles are one of the best sources of reading material you can use. All of the stories are real, so the content and vocabulary connect you with the world around you.

ESL websites give the added bonus of learning new words and testing your comprehension of the articles. If you aren’t already reading the news in English, now is the time to start!