7 Easy-to-navigate Websites to Learn English

Websites to Learn English

There are so many websites to learn English that it can be overwhelming. It’s difficult to know which websites are best for what you want to study.

Of course, you want to use a site that matches your level, is easy to navigate, and ultimately helps you improve your English.

Well, stop searching! These websites to learn English offer the best resources, are easy to navigate, and will help you improve your overall English skills.

Best Websites to Learn English

1. English Sherpa

English Sherpa is a great English learning website for people that are busy.

You can get a 100% free trial that gives you access to all video lessons, quizzes and student/teacher forums. The website has a very modern design that makes it simple to navigate and works great on your phone, tablet and computer.

Best of all, each lesson only takes about 15 minutes to complete, so you can easily study during your break or on your way to and from work.

English Sherpa’s lessons focus on the most common American English idioms and phrases. Their goal is to help you learn how to use them, so you can start improving and sounding more natural.

There are also quizzes after each lesson and every course has a Pre-Test and a Final Test so you can see how much you learned.

Native English speakers use idioms in almost 50% of their conversations, and idioms are used nearly four times every minute. So English Sherpa’s goal is to help you learn these most common fixed phrases and give you an advantage to help increase your understanding and improve your communication skills.

Your learning never stops, because Becki and Shawn (the website creators and teachers) add a new course each month. They cleverly show you how these common idioms and phrases are used in everyday life, so you can fully understand each word.

2. British Council Learn English

British Council’s Learn English allows you to practice all things English. This website has a very easy design that makes it simple to navigate.

There are many levels to satisfy every English learner. It’s a great site for beginners, but it’s also a wonderful place for intermediate or advanced learners. The site offers common English phrases as well as business English practice.

Lastly, each activity has a short quiz so that you can check your understanding and really see how much you understood.

3. VOA Learning English

VOA Learning English helps you learn English through practical uses of vocabulary and phrases. It uses current events to help you read, listen, and watch the English being used.

It’s organized by levels 1-3, so beginners and advanced English learners can benefit. Every reading has a vocabulary list with definitions, and most readings have audio so you can listen to a native speaker pronounce the words.

4. BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English offers online practice similar to a class. There are levels, units, and lessons. The website focuses on learning vocabulary, so each lesson has related vocabulary or key words to learn.

The Features section has a lot of extra practice, such as English from the news, videos, pronunciation practice, and more.

5. Duolingo

Duolingo focuses on grammar, speaking, and vocabulary. The vocabulary lists are based on themes, such as food, travel, or greetings.

You can access the program on your computer or on your smartphone, so it’s easy to practice when you’re on the go. You can set personalized goals and unlock new levels for more practice.

6. FluentU

FluentU focuses on English fluency. This site uses real content made for native English speakers, so the videos are natural and entertaining.

Every video has subtitles that help you understand what the speakers are saying. Plus you can click on the words in the subtitles and read the definition of any words you don’t know.

You have to pay for a subscription, but it might encourage you to use the site!

7. English Central

English Central offers speaking practice and gives instant feedback about your English speaking ability. You earn points from a voice recognition system that identifies when you pronounce words correctly. They also offer live chats with a native English speaker.

There are two membership packages: a free membership and a paid membership. However, the free membership doesn’t provide any of these features. The paid packages start at $15 per month.


The internet is full of great websites to learn English. You can work at your own pace, practice real English, and explore some truly interesting information presented in English. Have fun!