4 Reasons Learning English Online Is Better than in a Classroom

English Online

Many people ask, “Can I learn English online?” These days, the answer is “Absolutely, yes!”

Traditionally, people learn a language in a classroom or by immersing themselves in the country or region where the language is spoken. The internet, however, has changed this.

There are thousands of websites, programs, and videos available online that help you do everything. You can memorize English vocabulary, record and listen to your pronunciation, and even take live classes with a teacher.

The internet has truly opened up a whole new world of learning, particularly for those who want to study English. It even offers many benefits that learning in a classroom just can’t provide.

Reasons to Study English Online

1. You can set your own schedule

One of the biggest advantages of learning English online is that you can do it at your own convenience.

Perhaps you work in the evenings, so you can’t attend an evening class, or maybe you go to university during the day and can’t fit an English class in your schedule.

With the internet, however, you can study on your own schedule. Not only do you have 24/7 access to websites and other resources, but you can have a class with a tutor on Skype or even take an English course.

2. It is less stressful

Many of us get nervous when we have to speak English around other people; we may be embarrassed about our pronunciation or our limited vocabulary, or we’re afraid of making a mistake. This is normal. If you learn English online, though, you don’t have this fear.

You can practice speaking and pronunciation without being afraid of looking silly. You can work with a teacher one-on-one, which frees you from worrying about messing up in front of other students.

3. You have instant access to dictionaries and pictures

When you’re learning online, you have very easy access to helpful resources such as an online dictionary or photos.

For example, maybe you’re reading an article and you see the word porch. You don’t know what a porch is, so you look it up, and you see a picture and immediately understand what it is. That’s an amazing ability to have.

There are also fantastic online dictionaries, including those for people learning English such as Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary.

If you’re already studying something online, such as listening to a conversation or doing a grammar exercise, you can easily have another window open on your browser and type in the word you don’t know.

4. It gives you authentic listening materials

The internet is a goldmine of authentic English listening materials. From American movies to thousands of songs to university lectures. There really is something for every skill level and every type of interest.

If you’re learning English in a classroom, you’re often using materials like worksheets or scripted dialogues created by a textbook publisher. These can be helpful, but the internet gives you access to real material—real people speaking, and people speaking about topics that you actually care about.

And, if you’re studying on the internet, you may be able to access those materials instantly!