7 Important Reasons to Learn English

Reason to Learn English

So you’re looking for a reason to learn English? Look no further!

There are so many great reasons to study English that it was difficult to narrow the list down to seven. Here you go!

Reasons to Learn English

1. It Opens up Your Travel Opportunities

English is often referred to as a global language. This is because there are more than 50 countries around the world that use English as their primary language.

English makes traveling so much easier! It helps you communicate with people when you travel abroad, so you can visit amazing foreign places.

2. It Qualifies You for More Jobs

Many high-paying jobs require their employees to speak English. Large, international companies must hire people who can communicate with their partners around the world.

The better your English skills are, the more qualified you become for a great position in a company that has clients all over the world. Also, you might learn that your current job offers a raise to people who know English.

3. It Helps You Meet New Friends

Another reason to learn English is that it helps you meet new and interesting people from around the world. Being able to use English well means that you can become friends with many more people.

Having friends with a different cultural background makes for a very fun learning opportunity.

4. You Can Watch Great Movies & TV Shows in Their Original Language

Some of the best movies and television shows are created in English. So being able to enjoy films and TV shows is a great reason to learn English.

It’s just not the same to watch a movie that has been dubbed because the dialogue doesn’t match the lips. Movies are best when you can hear the actor’s original voice.

5. You Will Have More Academic Options

English is not only a global language; it is also the language of academics. If you are a student in school, especially if you are in higher education, you need to do research in English.

Most academic articles and publications are printed in English and many are never translated. Think about all of the information you might miss out on if you don’t learn English.

6. You Can Cruise the Internet Faster

English is the language of the internet. Most social media sites are hosted in English, as are many popular websites that keep you entertained online.

Take a look at forums and comment sections, and you will find that English is usually the primary language. More people will get your messages if you write them in English.

7. It’s an Easy Language to Learn

Almost everything about learning English is easier than other languages. The English alphabet has only 26 letters, and the basic grammar of English is quite direct.

Compared to other languages, English has a smaller vocabulary and most native speakers don’t use a high amount of vocabulary in their day-to-day language usage.

If you need support while learning the language, there are many English as a second language websites to help you practice online. Most of these sites offer online practice and support, so you can improve your language learning by spending very little money.


I’m sure you can think of even more reasons to learn English, but this list will help you get started. Of course, even after reading this list, the number one reason for you to learn English must be that you are ready to learn English.

Learning a new language can be a fun and wonderful challenge. Start learning English now and you will find that there are many amazing opportunities that come from your new language skills.