11 Reasons to Study English Abroad

Study English

Do you think it would be exciting to study English in another country? The idea might sound scary at first, but it’s a great way to learn English, make new friends, and have an adventure.

If you’re not sure if it’s right for you, consider these reasons.

Why You Should Study English Abroad

1. Immerse Yourself

Traveling abroad to study English is a great way to surround yourself with English. If your teachers, classmates, and community all require you to use English, then you will quickly increase your language skills.

You will be amazed by how quickly you learn new vocabulary when you are surrounded by English all day!

2. Speak with Locals

Speak with the people who live around you to get to know more about the area where you are living. Talking to locals can help you improve your pronunciation and learn new expressions.

You will become more comfortable having conversations in English, and it allows you to meet some really cool people!

3. Get over Your Fears

At first, speaking English in public may be scary. After some time, however, it will start to feel normal.

Studying English abroad will help you get over your fear of speaking imperfect English. You will realize that you are studying English in order to communicate, not to pass a test.

4. Build Confidence

If you have no other choice but to speak English, then you’re going to speak English more often. The more you speak, the more confident you will feel.

This will be your chance to use all the vocabulary and grammar you have learned from your previous lessons. You will put it all to use out in the real world in real conversations.

5. Make Amazing Friends

The friends you make while studying abroad will be friends forever. You will all share a very strong bond of studying abroad and learning a language.

You will help each other learn how to study and use English, and you will build strong friendships in your free time while you explore the place where you are living.

6. Have New Life Experiences

Going abroad to study English allows you to see new places and meet new people. This is a chance to develop yourself both personally and linguistically.

Say yes to the opportunities you find while you’re there and you will make many memories.

7. Get Serious about Learning English

It is a huge commitment to travel abroad for English studies. This action is a promise to yourself. By committing to this, you promise that you will get serious, focus, and perfect your English skills. It’s a wonderful kind of pressure!

8. Lose Distractions

Sometimes studying English in your own country allows you to lose focus on your goals. When you commit to going abroad specifically to learn English, you are focusing completely on language learning and on achieving your goals.

9. Learn Natural, Authentic English

When you study English abroad, you will find yourself living with English speakers who use natural phrases, idioms, and expressions. Over time, you will learn these expressions and start using them just like the native speakers!

10. Experience about a New Culture

Do some research online before you go abroad. Find a good school in a place you have always wanted to travel.

Then, when you are in the country, spend time learning about the local culture, food, and anything else that you find interesting.

11. Improve Your Career Prospects

Traveling abroad to learn English might also prove advantageous for your career. Employers recognize this accomplishment and may see you as a better candidate for a job. Just remember to put your great experience on your resume!