How To Learn English Typing Online

How To Learn English Typing Online

At some point in your English studies, it is important to learn English typing. The goal is to learn to type faster without looking at the keyboard.

It is a skill that takes patience, focus, and practice. Follow this advice to improve your typing skills.

How to Learn English Typing

1. Get to Know Your Keyboard

There are different keyboards in each country. You need to learn how to type in English on your specific keyboard. You may have to change your keyboard while typing in English. If you don’t know how to do this, ask a friend or go to the help section on your computer.

Take the time to learn the location of the English alphabet and punctuation (i.e., comma, period, quotation marks, exclamation point). These may look different in your language, so it is important to find out how to type these in English.

2. Take Your Eyes off the Keyboard

Now that you’ve located the English keys, it is vital to remember their location. Practice typing while looking at the computer screen and NOT looking at the keyboard.

The sooner you can memorize the keyboard and type without looking, the better you will become at typing in English.

3. Time Yourself

Once you can type without looking at the keyboard, it’s time to start typing faster.

Find an online tool that measures your typing speed. Give yourself a typing test to see how fast you are typing. Then, take the test again every week to monitor your progress.

4. Practice

In order to type well, you need to practice frequently. Set a schedule to practice at least 15 minutes per day.

Do not practice for long periods of time because this will only frustrate you. Be patient with your progress and you will eventually see that you’re typing faster and more accurately than before.

Ideas to Practice Typing in English

1. Start a Journal

Start a journal where you reflect on your life’s events and your personal thoughts. Try typing in your journal every day for 10-20 minutes.

This is a great way to learn English typing without the pressure of teachers or an audience. Don’t worry about making English mistakes. It is important to focus on fluency and improving your typing skills.

2. Copy Text from a Book

Find an English book, newspaper, or article, and rewrite the text by typing it into your computer. This will help you improve your speed and accuracy while typing in English.

3. Digitize Your Study Materials

If you’re serious about learning English, you most likely have an English notebook. Start transferring that English notebook to your computer. This will force you to type in English and to review your study materials.

Plus, you can save your files and take them with you wherever you go. Now there’s no need to carry that big notebook around!

4. Join an English Forum

There are many English forums that communicate in English. Why not join one and start typing with new digital friends? You can join special chat groups that match your personal interests.

Many people in these groups are also ESL learners, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed or nervous about making mistakes.