How To Use Word Sudoku To Learn English

Word Sudoku

You are never too old to play games, and Word Sudoku to learn English is an excellent way to get better and faster. ESL games like Word Sudoku require you to play with English words. They are a fun way to practice with new vocabulary you are learning.

The more you use one of your vocabulary words from your ESL course book or lessons, the better you will learn your new vocabulary. In short, playing Word Sudoku can help you learn English because it forces you to study English vocabulary.

Games like Word Sudoku help you study new words, and they require you to break words down to their letters. You will never get bored playing this letters game because you never play the same game twice. Each time you use a new word, you make a new and interesting puzzle to solve.

After all, learning English isn’t just about drilling your new vocabulary in a notebook. Instead, you should be using your English vocabulary to play so that you remember your new words better.

What is Word Sudoku?

Sudoku is a logic puzzle that uses numbers 1-9 in special sequences so that they never repeat. Puzzle solvers have to find the correct 1-9 sequence vertically, horizontally, and in each zone to win.

You can still play Sudoku either online or at the back of magazines. However, now there’s a new kind of logic puzzle: Word Sudoku! This game is similar to Sudoku, but it uses letters instead of numbers. You don’t win because of luck; you win because you use your intelligence to solve the puzzle.

There are two types of Word Sudoku puzzles: random letters and one word.

Random letters puzzle

In the random letters puzzle, you solve the Word Sudoku puzzle in the same way that you solve a regular Sudoku puzzle. However there is a special theme in the puzzle. When you are finished solving the puzzle, you can find a hidden word that matches the theme.

For example, a theme might be countries. You would solve the puzzle and then find the word Belgium hidden in the puzzle.

Word-based puzzle

In the word-based Word Sudoku puzzle, you work with one word. This word is repeated in every column (vertical) and row (horizontal). You use only the letters of the word in the puzzle to solve the puzzle.

That means you get the chance to scramble and unscramble the same word over and over until you solve the puzzle.

How To Play Word Sudoku To Learn English 

Let’s start by looking at a sample Word-based puzzle:


In the puzzle above, you will see that we are using the three-letter word Try. That means that we must use each letter, the “T”, “R”, and the “Y” one time vertically. We must also use each letter one time horizontally. Can you solve the puzzle above? Try it now!

The answer to the puzzle is:


You can become a master puzzle solver the more you practice. Just make sure that you don’t repeat any letters going vertically (up and down) or horizontally (left to right).

How To Play Online

You can do a simple search for online Word Sudoku makers. There are many free puzzle maker websites that allow you to create your own puzzles and even print puzzles.

  • Dkm Games has word-based puzzles. It gives you many different words that you must place into the puzzle.
  • WordPlays also has random letter puzzles. There is a helpful video that will show you how to solve your Word Sudoku puzzles.

Extended Practice

So you’ve started playing word Sudoku to help you learn English, but what now? What can you do to use this puzzle game to directly help you?

1. Put new words into your English notebook

I hope you are keeping a language learning notebook. This should be a notebook where you write new vocabulary words.

Every time you learn a new word while playing Word Sudoku you can write the new word into your notebook. Don’t forget to write the definition of the new word in your notebook so you can study it later.

These puzzles are a wonderful way to help you learn random words that aren’t connected to textbooks. That means you need to organize these new words carefully. Make connections between the new words you learn in Word Sudoku and other new words in your notebook.

You can learn vocabulary faster if you learn the words in categories or chunks. Each time you learn the meaning of a new word, try to place it in a category (i.e., food, travel, or tourism). Always organize your English vocabulary notebooks into groups of words so that you can learn them faster.

2. Use these new words in your speaking

Each time you find a new word in the game, write it down as a speaking to-do list. Try your best to use this new word in your English dialogue. The more you use a word, the more likely you are to remember it.

3. Use a search engine for extra practice

When you learn a new word, think about typing it into a search engine. Many popular search engines such as Google have an option to view images or news reports.

You can find your new English word in recent news stories. This can help you make a connection between your new vocabulary word and the real world. Plus, you can get extra English reading practice by searching for stories that include the new word.

Word Sudoku combines logic and vocabulary to help you maximize your word power.

This game can be challenging at first, so start with simple puzzles and move up in difficulty. The more challenging your puzzle, the more Word Sudoku can help you learn English. Get creative, and choose special words for special events throughout the year!