How to Learn Spoken English Easily

How to Learn Spoken English

Speaking English is often difficult for English language learners because it requires not only vocabulary and grammar, but also confidence. So how to learn spoken English?

You need to practice. The more you practice, the more confident you will become.

How to Learn Spoken English

1. Read Aloud

Find English texts and read them out loud. Read for as long as it takes you to feel comfortable hearing your voice in English.

At first, you might be afraid of your English speaking voice. It might sound different than your native language voice. Don’t worry – this is normal. The more you speak English, the more you will get used to your English speaking voice and it will start to sound normal.

It’s important to look at your mouth in a mirror when you talk and see how your lips and tongue move with each word.

You can read anything in English to practice: books, ebooks, novels, news articles, blogs, etc.

2. Listen

Listen to spoken English as much as you can. Surround yourself with English audio. Watch films and television shows in English. Listen to English podcasts. Find English music you enjoy. Listen to English online.

When you listen to others use the language correctly, it will enable you to speak better English yourself. You will hear different accents and correct pronunciation.

Over a short period of time, you will be able to copy the speed and inflection of native speakers, and start to speak more fluently.

Whether you are learning English in an ESL class or are teaching yourself the language, you can easily find English audio to enjoy while you are comfortable at home. You will quickly find online and television sources that will show you great stories you can use for your English learning.

3. Speak

Now that you are used to the sound of your own voice and have listened to a variety of English audio, you are ready to speak!

Don’t just passively listen to English speaking. Instead, use your listening as a way to motivate yourself to speak English. Try to copy the accents you hear. Try to speak at the same speed as an actor in a movie you watched.

Practice your English speaking everywhere you can, and never be embarrassed by mistakes you might make. Even native English speakers make mistakes at times.

There is no shame in trying something and getting it wrong the first time. However, it is a real shame if you have the knowledge to speak English, but you choose not to because you’re afraid.

4. Repeat

So how to learn spoken English? Continue reading, listening, and speaking; and trying to find new ways to enjoy using English. Your confidence will grow and you will be speaking English more naturally, and using vocabulary and phrases that English speakers use everyday.