6 Strategies to Help You Learn Basic English Conversation

Strategies to Learn Basic English Conversation

Do you know how to read and write, but have trouble with basic conversation? If so, you’re not alone. Many ESL learners have a hard time with speaking. Here are some strategies to help you learn basic English skills for speaking.

Strategies to Learn Basic English Conversation

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

The key to learning basic English is to not be afraid of making mistakes. This applies to all ESL levels. When you fear making a mistake, chances are you stay silent instead of actually expressing yourself, and in the end, you don’t get any practice.

Once you have gotten past this fear of making a mistake you will be able to have a basic English conversation in no time. We learn best through trial and error. As they say, practice makes perfect!

2. Talk to Native English Speakers

Speaking with a native English speaker is the ideal way to learn basic English. When you have a conversation with a native English speaker, you become fully immersed in the language and culture.

Try making friends with native English speakers in your area by joining clubs or going to international events. If that’s not possible in your situation, look online for websites that offer the possibility to talk to native English speakers .

3. Watch YouTube

There are thousands of channels dedicated to learning ESL on YouTube. Choose a few channels you like and try to watch them regularly.

The best thing about YouTube is that you can practice whenever and wherever you want.

4. Watch TV Shows

When you watch English-speaking TV shows, you can see how native English speakers communicate with each other. Some great show to start with are Friends, Big Bang Theory, and How I Met your Mother.

Watching TV shows can be a challenge because it is difficult to understand every word. If you’re having trouble, try turning on the subtitles so you can read the dialogue as you watch the show.

Watching TV shows online also gives you the possibility of pausing and rewinding. You can pause the show and practice the phrases you hear, or you can rewind if there’s something on the show you didn’t quite understand.

5. Travel Overseas

What better way to learn English than by traveling? Being fully immersed in a culture and its language is the best and most proven method to learn a language.

Travel to English-speaking countries and surround yourself with as many English speakers as you can. By doing this, you have no other choice but to learn the language and to have conversations with English speakers.

6. Take an English Class

Taking a class and studying the language is a great start to learn basic English conversation. Utilize your class time and speak as much as you can. By using this time to speak, you will learn basic speaking skills, build confidence, and be ready to speak outside of class.