3 Epic Ways to Learn English on Internet Radio

The internet provides an absolute wealth of learning opportunities for English students – you have access to everything from free English lessons to music videos to grammar exercises to entire English courses. These days, it’s truly possible to learn English on the internet.

One of the best ways to learn English is by listening to English. There are a number of ways to listen: if you live in an English speaking country, you can listen to locals speaking; you can listen to music and watch movies and television; you can watch YouTube videos.

Recently, there is also another tool: internet radio.

Internet radio is a fantastic way to learn spoken English because you can access it anytime from anywhere. Music lovers can choose the type of music they like and there are often fewer commercials than traditional radio.

There are also a range of other types of stations, including sports stations, children’s stations, stations featuring shows on art and food, and everything in between.

3 Ways to Learn English on Internet Radio

1. Find a station in English with music you like

Yes, it’s possible to just hop on YouTube or Spotify and access your favorite music, but what makes internet radio great for English learners is that you can also listen to the DJs speaking in English between songs. And listening to real English is the best way to improve your listening skills.

Soul, funk, and hip-hop lovers should check out WeFunk from Montreal-based station CKUT. The station also offers everything from jazz to punk to heavy metal. For an eclectic mix of pop, indie, disco, and more, tune in to KUTX 98.9FM, which broadcasts out of artsy Austin, Texas in the United States.

2. Have children? Tune into children’s stations

If you have kids – especially young kids – and you’d like them to hear English from an early age (which is a great way for them to pick up the language and develop great pronunciation), play children’s stations for them at home or in the car. This is a great way for your kids to learn English on the internet.

An excellent choice is RTÉjr, which comes from Irish national broadcaster RTÉ. There are only a few radio stations in the world dedicated to kids, and it’s hard to find a good one; RTÉjr is one of the best. Programming on RTÉjr includes storytelling, preschool learning, and a fun music show called Musical Chairs.

3. Listen to sports broadcasts

Sports broadcasts are a fabulous way for sports fans to learn English. Not only do you get to do something you love – follow and learn about sports – but you can also learn vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and more.

Check out ESPNRadio for some lively sports discussion from the United States. ESPNRadio offers a number of shows with discussion and analysis, including Mike & Mike, Russillo & Kanell, and Freddie Coleman. They also offer live broadcasts of games.

Learning English and a fan of the NBA, MLB, NFL, NCAAF, soccer, golf, NASCAR, or other sports? Tune in at least once a week. You’re guaranteed to improve your listening and speaking skills.