5 Simple Tips to Learn English Speaking from YouTube

Learn English Speaking from YouTube

Do you want to learn English speaking? It doesn’t have to be complicated or cost you a lot of money. It’s as simple as opening YouTube on your computer!

Tips to Learn English Speaking from YouTube

1. Set Goals

First, decide how much time you are going to spend watching YouTube videos each day. Yes, each day!

At first, you may want to set a goal to only watch one video a day, two maximum. If you watch too many in one day, you might become overwhelmed and decide to quit.

Also, set a goal of what you want to study. Beginners may want to focus on a particular grammar point, such as the present simple or present continuous. Advanced ESL students may want to watch something more challenging, such as a Ted Talk.

2. Take Notes

YouTube is great for casual learning, but it is important to still take notes. Keep a vocabulary notebook and write down any unknown words that you hear. Then, after the video, look them up in the dictionary. Review your notes often in order to easily remember the new vocabulary.

3. Repeat Phrases

Repeat phrases that you hear to get a better understanding of correct pronunciation and intonation. It’s crucial that you repeat these words and phrases out loud and not in your head, because you must practice the way your mouth and tongue move.

You may want to record yourself and compare the audio to the YouTube video.

4. Pause and Rewind

One of the great things about YouTube is that you can pause, rewind, and fast forward videos. When you don’t understand something, pause the video and write down the word or phrase you don’t know. After you finish watching, you can look the word up in the dictionary.

Then, watch the video again from the beginning and see if you can understand it better. If not, watch again and again until it is clear.

5. Watch TV Shows

There are many language learning channels on YouTube, but also be sure to watch actual TV shows to learn real English. Shows such as Friends, Big Bang Theory, or That 70’s Show provide great examples of American phrases and idioms.

TV shows are usually only 20-30 minutes long, which is the perfect amount of time to learn English speaking per day.

Watching shows not only gives you more listening practice, but it also gives you more insight into common phrases used in everyday English.