5 Tips to Learn English Speaking Online

Did you know that you can learn English speaking online? There are many websites that can help you practice your pronunciation and conversation skills.

Here are five tips to help you get started.

How to Learn English Speaking Online

1. Hire a Tutor

The best way to improve your speaking is to have lessons with a native speaker. These days, there are various websites for hiring private tutors.

Learning English online is a great option because you have full control over selecting the teacher, setting the hourly rate, and deciding what you want to study. There is no schedule, no exams, and no curriculum to follow.

2. Join a Course

If a private lesson is too intimidating or too expensive, there are online courses you can join.

Online courses are usually written by ESL teachers who have experience teaching English as a second language. The courses are designed to help you learn English communication and usually include audio or video lessons.

3. Learn Movie Lines

Choose a movie clip online from your favorite movie and try to say the lines with the actors.

First, listen to the actors saying the lines. Then, try to imitate or copy their way of speaking. Pay attention to each actor’s speed, intonation, and pronunciation. Keep practicing until you get it right!

4. Watch Tutorial Videos

There are a lot of great English speaking videos on YouTube.

Try watching videos with trained educators who teach you about pacing, intonation, pausing, or pronunciation. Here is an example of a video showing you how to move your mouth in order to make the correct sounds.

5. Record Yourself Speaking

It is helpful to record yourself speaking so you can listen to how you sound when you are speaking English.

After you record yourself speaking, listen to the recording and take notes on how you can improve. Useful websites for recording your voice include SpeakPipe and Vocaroo. Both are free to use and easy to navigate.

So, now that you have some ideas to learn English speaking online, why not get started?